Signing In

How do I Sign into HJR Digital Coding?

Go to digital.hjrosscompany.com and look for the "Sign In" link in the top right hand of the home page. Then use the username (self-created at sign-up) and password

Password and Username Help

How do I change my Username?

Your username is self-selected at original sign-up and can never be changed on an account.

How do I change my Password?

Passwords are self-selected at sign-up. This password can be changed at any time by logging-in and accessing your “PROFILE” section in the top right corner of your screen

How do I retrieve a Lost Password?

Go to the sign-in section on the home page, and select the “Lost your password” option and follow the prompts.

How do I retrieve a Lost Username?

For security reasons, usernames can only be retrieved by contacting us directly by completely a contact us inquiry or by calling 800-562-3335. We suggest for the quickest results, conducting a search in your email box for the username that was originally selected at sign-up, this was sent to you by an automatically generated email from digital.hjrosscompany.com

Sign-Up for HJR Digital Coding

How do you sign-up for HJR Digital Coding?

Go to digital.hjrosscompany.com and select the Sign-Up button located center screen on the homepage. Once you input all requested information, you will instantly receive an email that provides your username, password, and link to where you can log-in.

What if I do not receive the email with my username and password?

The email with your username and password is automatically generated by digital.hjrosscompany.com and sent to the email you provided upon signing up. If you do not receive this within 24 hrs of subscribing, please contact us at 800-562-3335 or contact us by completing the "contact us" form so we can verify all the correct information was gathered.

Do you charge monthly or annually?

A one-time annual charge is billed at time of sign-up; you will not be billed monthly. Auto renewals will occur annually unless you unsubscribe for this feature.

Sharing a subscription or IP address restriction message

Each Username is allowed access by two IP addresses. That means an entire office can use the subscription if they are all linked on the same internet network (that’s counts as One IP address), however once access exceeds the 2 IP address limit, the account will temporarily disable and you must contact us to reactivate.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee or refunds?

HJR Digital will offer a full refund prior to any login attempts. Once the account has been accessed, refunds will not be offered.

Computer Compatibility

What browser can I use to access HJR Digital Coding?

Most current and up-to-date browsers will be acceptable to access HJR Digital Coding. If you have a dated browser we encourage updating to the newest version to experience the highest functioning version of HJR Digital Coding.

What kind of computer can I use?

HJR Digital will operate correctly on any computer or device (smart phone, tablet) that runs a modern web browser and is connected to the internet.

Can I use my mobile device/phone with HJR Digital

Any fully web enabled device should work correctly.

Code Specific Questions

I have more technical questions about how to bill insurance, use a specific code, or need more information about billing in general

All questions about the features, and how-to-use HJR Digital Coding can be addressed by calling us at 800-562-3335 or filling out the "contact us" form. If you have more specific technical questions regarding how-to-bill insurance, use a specific code, or need more information about billing in general we will refer you to our Network Hotline at 714-648-0056. The Network Hotline is a member’s only annual service that is available for calls, emails, and questions related to all specific insurance and billing coding questions that are of a more technical nature