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New ICD-10 Codes Headed Your Way on 10-1-2016

“It is critical to stay abreast of changes in coding and payer billing guidelines related to coding…maintaining current knowledge is imperative for the long-term survival and safety of  a practice.”

This statement is how the AMA instructs their members to prosper… and we agree.  There are numerous new, revised and deleted codes to ICD10 that will implement on 10-1-2016.

Most printed publications will not have included these updates in 2016 print editions which means your Digital Coding membership continues to be the most up-to-date and accurate resource.

Here's what you need to know:

  • ICD10 Codes will update on 10-1-2016 and dates of service on or after 10-1-2016 must use the updated codes
  • With your active Digital Coding subscription you can access all these new codes instantaneously simply by logging in and searching: 10-1-2016
  • Your search will yield over 100 results of new and updated codes that are chiropractic specific and MUST be used on or after 10-1-2016.
  • 40 codes have been deleted and replaced with new codes that offer more specificity.
  • Beyond the new codes specific to chiropractic there will be a list of all new, updated and deleted codes published on the site as well.
  • Medicare diagnosis will also be updated and note Florida Medicare is updating on September 12, 2016.

If you've let your account lapse, just SIGN-UP HERE to get instant access to the entire Digital Coding site.

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