Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)

Sometimes we get asked the difference between diagnostic (ICD) and CPT codes. Both codes sets are used to standardize medical communications across the board, but ICD codes focus on the diagnosis, whereas CPT coding identifies the services provided. Understanding how to properly use CPT codes is really critical in helping achieve prosperous reimbursement because insurance companies use these codes to determine how much a chiropractor will be paid. The CPT section in Digital Coding is a very useful tool in helping not only select, but really understand the appropriate code to use. Digital Coding has four specific chiropractic CPT sections: evaluation and management; physical medicine and rehabilitation; x-ray, and chiropractic manipulation. Did you know that misuse of a CPT code is the #1 trigger of an audit by an insurance company? All the more reason to make sure you are using the right code, the most updated code, and are knowledgeable how to apply CPT to a chiropractic practice.