2015 Medicare Fees and Deductible

Deductible for 2015 remains $147. Note deductible is for all covered services meaning in a chiropractic office this is limited to spinal manipulation but also includes essentially any and all services done in a medical setting. Therefore deductible is met with any covered service by any provider.

Fees for 2015 are scheduled to increase but are not posted and have been delayed to publish on or about January 20, 2012. However there will be potential reductions for non-use of electronic health records (1%) and PQRS (0.5%) respectively. If you did not do an attestation of a certified E H R by October 2014 there will be a 1% decrease in your 2015 fees. This amount increases 1% each year but caps in 2020 at 5%. This reduction equates to about $0.30 to $0.60 for 2015. Additionally there is a 0.5% reduction in Medicare rates for offices that did not report PQRS measures in 2013 then the reduction applies. If you did PQRS measures in 2014 those will count towards 2016. If you did do PQRS measures you will also receive a bonus payment from Medicare for 0.5%

Visit the Medicare Portal of this Digital Directory for your state specific allowances.